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How to Navigate Your Roof Damage Insurance Claim with Confidence


When a storm hits the Kennesaw, Alpharetta and North Georgia area, homeowners need to know what to do! Dealing with damage to your home and roof can be stressful. Platinum Roofing strives to relieve the stress of dealing with your insurance company. Our Insurance Claim Process gives you a step-by-step plan to follow when dealing with storm damage and the insurance negotiation process.


Platinum Roofing, your local North Georgia roofing team, is skilled at roof damage insurance claim negotiations. If we identify damage to your roof, we will provide a detailed estimate to complete the repairs. Once your insurance company has completed their inspection and provides a claim estimate, Platinum Roofing offers free insurance claim process assistance. Our experienced, insurance negotiators interpret the insurance documents for you and negotiate with your insurance company to ensure they have properly assessed the damages. Platinum Roofing has an impressive history of reversing negative insurance decisions and gaining higher settlements for our customers and many times have your entire roof replacement paid for in full. 

  1. ROOF INSPECTION:  Our Platinum Roofing Professionals will complete a digital analysis of your roof showing any storm related damage that may have occurred. 

  2. CONTACT HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE: Our team will help you file a claim with your insurance provider.

  3. MEET THE INSURANCE ADJUSTER: Once the adjuster has scheduled an appointment with you, our Platinum Roofing Professional will meet him/her to inspect the roof and agree on the scope of work, as well as pricing. 

  4. INSURANCE PAPERWORK:  Insurance paperwork can be confusing. Our Platinum Roofing Professional will schedule a time with you to go over the insurance paperwork, to help you understand what your insurance has agreed to pay for. The only out-of-pocket expense is your deductible, wood replacement, and any upgrades you choose.

  5. PICK YOUR SHINGLE COLOR: Our Platinum Roofing Professional will help you choose what color you like best and provide any information/ paperwork needed by your HOA if applicable. 

  6. ROOF INSTALLATION: We have a certified project manager on site during every roof installation.

  7. CLOSING: Once finished, we will submit all necessary paperwork to your insurance company in order to release final payment and supplements. 

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